Friday, April 2, 2010

I should have been asleep 3 hours ago.. ;-D

Good news.

I think... hehe

The Universe (as some may say, God as I call Him, but for the sake of blog) has given me less and less excuses not to exercise.

Our apartment has rescinded the ban on the Pool/Jacuzzi/ Fitness center for our complex. They own two apartment complexes. Complexi? Anywho, even though I have a student ID and could go to the Field House on campus, I don't cause I don't want to go back to my place of torture. ;-)  Well, a block away and one of the easiest walks to, isn't much of an excuse is it? *drags feet*

I have to do it.  I have to. There are a million and one reasons, Scouts Honor, why I can't fail epically at this anymore.  I'll explain everything later I promise.  I promised to a friend that I'd write every day.

We both need to do something.  We can't stand being the same.  Change only happens when life is too painful to stay the same. We are so there.

10 minutes a day will get me started.  I already do 50 min, 2 times a week, but that isn't enough.  At my healthiest, I was working out 15 hours + a week. Can you believe that? Before I had a baby too.

Alright.  Tomorrow I have hip hop, so I'm good.  But Saturday, in between General Conference, I will go to the Fitness Center or do sit-ups or wii fit. Something.

Tomorrow I will give you reasons.


  1. It is a matter truly of, we CAN do anything...even when we feel like we can't. Limitations are worthless...let's be done with them. I love you...too much.