Friday, April 2, 2010

Reasons why I have to do this. Losing weight that is.

I need to feel better about my body.  I used to be wayyy more confident than I am today.  My self worth is right down the crapper.  I mean, I know I'm a good person, but I want to be sexy.  To myself.  I want to, for lack of a better term, be more turned on when I look in the mirror.  I feel so repulsed.

And I don't care what anyone thinks besides the Prof (my hubby), but, I know that we're meant to try for a baby again sometime in the summer/fall.  I need to be exercising enough that I can continue to do so into my pregnancy and after.

I want Scarlett to feel good about herself and not have an eating disorder.

I want to get rid of my sleep apnea, and get sick less often.

I feel unclean almost, when I'm this size.

I just can't do this anymore.

TO DO List for Tomorrow: Work out at leas 10 minutes, call the oxygen place for my cpap machine, enjoy LDS General Conference, clean my room, and study for my tests next week.

*edit: Not meant to have a baby and happy with that. hehe. more later.*


  1. I know you can do this. Seriously. If you're ever about to binge, get on IM and tell me to yell at you and I will. :D

  2. haha. Good friends yell at you. :-D